Airmax Air Compressor

AIRMAX Launched Direct Series product to the part countries of Asia market as Economic compressor will provide these markets more choose.
Compact and minimalism parts  design concept, high quality and stability.

  • Humanized display and control interface system.
  • New generation high efficiencymotor.
  • High Efficiency inlet control valve.
  • Direct-driven design suitable for small machine.
  • Inner separator tank design to ensure the oil carryover rate less than 3PPM.
  • Integrated design, compact layout, beautiful appearance.
  • Easy to Installation and use, easy to move.
  • Save installation cost and usage space.
  • Integrated and Optimized Pipeline Design to reduce Pressure Loss.
  • Directly discharge dry compressed air, fully ensure the quality of terminal Compressor Air.

High Temperature tipe Retrigerant Air Dryer

  • Inlet temp. ≤ 80° C
  • Ambient temp. ≤ 40° C
  • dew point temp. 2-10° C
  • refrigent; R407c/R22
  • Max working press : -13 bar or 40 bar


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