Air Compressor Screw

AIRN Launched Direct Series product to the Asia market countries as Economic compressor will provide various choice to these market.
Compact and minimalism parts design concept, high quality and stability.

D Series

  • Humanized display and control interface system.
  • New generation high efficiency motor.
  • High Efficiency inlet control valve.
  • Direct-driven design suitable for small machine.
  • Inner separator tank design to ensure the oil carry over rate less than 3PPM.
  • Integrated design, compact layout, beautiful appearance.
  • Easy to Install, use, and easy to move.
  • Save installation cost and usage space.
  • Integrated and Optimized Pipeline Design to reduce Pressure Loss.
  • Directly discharge dry compressed air, fully ensure the quality of terminal Compressor Air.

Refrigerant Air Dryer

  • Inlet temp. ≤ 80° C
  • Ambient temp. ≤ 40° C
  • dew point temp. 2-10° C
  • refrigent; R407c/R22
  • Max working press : -13 bar or 40 bar

Inline Filter Hankison XF Series

  • Enlarged flow area which reduce pressure drop
  • Manufactured from top quality aluminum alloy and carbon steel
  • Threaded and flanged type connection 
  • Painted with epoxy powder for durability improvement and corrosion resistance
  • Differential pressure indicator indicates optimum time for element replacement
  • Level indicator allows visual monitoring of liquid level and preventive maintenance signal
  • Auto Drain is reliable to discharge liquid without blocking

Piping Installation

  • Air Flow
  • Air Pressure
  • Air Quality
  • Air Distribution & System Layout
  • System Efficiency

Customer Service

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